Momentum is building.

Australians have a strong sense of a fair go. We believe every person in New South Wales deserves to be treated fairly and equally, with compassion and respect.

It is important to have laws that ensure all people can live in safety, in freedom, and with dignity.

Australia is one of the only western democratic nations that doesn’t have a federal Human Rights Act or a bill of rights. We know from experience that when human rights are not protected in law, they are always in danger of being eroded.

Unfortunately in New South Wales we have seen human rights abuses by authorities. It’s time we did something about it. It’s up to the New South Wales Government to ensure that everyone in New South Wales is treated fairly and equally.

The New South Wales Government can introduce an enforceable Human Rights Act to deliver a fair go for all. This should be passed by our representatives in the New South Wales Parliament to ensure that everyone can take action if they are treated unfairly.

Human Rights in New South Wales will be best protected when we have a Human Rights Act.

Victoria has one. The Australian Capital Territory has one. Queensland has one. 

New South Wales, we need one too.

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