Through a strong alliance of community members working together, we can succeed in creating a better New South Wales where everyone must be treated fairly and equally.

The Human Rights for NSW alliance is made up of community and civil society organisations campaigning to ensure that the human rights of NSW citizens are expressed and guaranteed by law so we are all treated fairly, and with dignity, equality and respect.

There have been two previous attempts at getting a Human Rights Act in New South Wales. The last one was over 10 years ago. People in Victoria, the ACT and Queensland have their rights protected by legislation. New South Wales is falling behind and it's time we tried again. 

Our Mission

Together we will build momentum for greater protection of all people across New South Wales by campaigning for the introduction of a Human Rights Act.

This is a campaign for everyone in New South Wales. It’s up to all of us to speak up for each other and put this issue on the agenda. We need to speak to our representatives and ask them to commit to taking steps to pass an enforceable Human Right Act.

What is a Human Rights Act is and why it is important? 

Human Rights for New South Wales explained.

How will a Human Rights Act benefit us all?

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